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The Horizon Brand

As the 21st century arrived, Brabham Oil Company Inc. realized a need for a private label gasoline brand to compete in the marketplace and to meet the growing demands of our value oriented customer base.

The Horizon brand was developed to meet this need, and has now grown to serving over 30 locations across South Carolina today.

Brabham Oil Company, Inc. owns all rights to the Horizon brand, developing it for use at its own E-Z Shop locations, as well as customer locations it supplies.

Wholesale Fuel Distribution

Brabham Oil Company Inc. is proud to be the premier gas distribution company in the state of South Carolina!

With it's corporate office and distribution facilities in Bamberg, South Carolina, Brabham Oil Company Inc. is centrally located, with easy access to any location in the state, providing you with fast reliable service.

From the upstate to the coastal regions, we are there to help you!

Are you a gas reseller?

Call us today and let us help organize a plan that's right for your business! For more information, please contact Mr. Jim Sniffin at (803) 245-2471 or by email to jsniffin@brabhamoil.com

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